Doug Bedell — December 22, 2017, 12:35 pm

Security a Growing Concern on Public Transit Systems

Security, physical or cyber, is becoming a major element of practice in running public transit systems, advises SecurityInfo Watch.

“Risks to critical transportation infrastructure include natural disasters as well as manmade physical and cyber threats. Man-made threats include terrorism, vandalism, theft, technological failures, and accidents. Cyber threats to the sector are of concern because of the growing reliance on cyber-based control, navigation, tracking, positioning, and communications systems, as well as the ease with which malicious actors can exploit cyber systems serving transportation.

“Terrorist attacks, whether physical or cyber, can significantly disrupt vital transportation services and cause long-term sociological and economic consequences,’ says a recent IBM X-Force security research report entitled, “Security Trends in the Transportation Industry.”

So no more dozing off on bus or subway trips.

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