Doug Bedell — January 11, 2010, 10:01 am

New X-ray Scanner Sees All

A newly developed body scanner might provide an ultimate level of confidence at airport and building security checkpoints. As announced by Nesch, LLC, based at the Purdue Technology Center incubator, the new scanner will be capable of detecting powdery substances on or inside the human body – like those a Nigerian man assertedly had with him on Christmas Day to blow up a passenger jet.

The device is called Diffraction-Enhanced X-ray Imaging, or DEXI. A normal X-ray uses three sources – light absorption, refraction and scattering – to produce an image. But they sometimes don’t blend well, causing a blurry image.

The Nesch machine creates a separate image from each of the sources, allowing clearer pictures and views of softer material. Nesch plans to accept orders for the new scanner by the end of March this year.

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