Doug Bedell — February 12, 2018, 2:22 pm

Repairing Security Equipment: Not a Job for Everyone

If you’re producing security equipment for user customers, give an eye to this SecurityInfoWatch post on the “Right-to-Repair” legislation that’s pending in several states.

“By and large,” advises InfoWatch, “these bills are intended to give consumers the ability to have their automobiles, appliances and other devices repaired by someone other than the original manufacturer by requiring said manufacturers to provide independent repair shops the tools and information they need to make necessary fixes. However, many of the bills that have been introduced in state legislatures are very broad in nature and could potentially raise of a number of issues for security equipment manufacturers.”

The Security Industry Association (SIA) notes, for example, that a bill pending in Vermont would require manufacturers “to disclose proprietary source code, diagnostic and repair information to independent repair providers, which SIA contends would jeopardize the security and cybersecurity of certain products and also void related warranties intended to protect consumers.”

Looks like an example of good intentions gone seriously awry. Security equipment manufacturers know their stuff, and shouldn’t have to let others in on what it takes to “fix” it if it breaks. That could be a road to insecure.

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