Doug Bedell — March 6, 2018, 3:27 pm

Preparing for ‘The Worst’ So It Won’t Be Catastrophic

In security terms, there’s nothing like thinking about and preparing for the worst that can happen so that it won’t happen. Thus the Security Executive Council provides a primer on protection against anything from kidnapping to supply chain disruptions.

“A tabletop exercise.” it advises, “should be designed in line with your company’s culture, business processes and organizational structure. It needs to be specific to a particular company location so participants will be able to relate to a location they have some knowledge with. By all means do not make it overwhelming or catastrophic by attempting to address too many issues which might occur in an incident, thereby overwhelming participants and making it impossible to resolve within a 3 to 4 hour time frame…

“Don’t be overly concerned with picking a particular scenario as long as it is applicable to your business processes, realistic, not too simple, yet not beyond the reach of your team.” The important thing is to accept that “the worst” can happen and prepare for it accordingly.

(This is from a Feb. 26th post by the Security Executive Council)

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