Doug Bedell — April 6, 2018, 1:21 pm

Healthcare, Too, Can Be Hit By Cyber Attacks

We’re not expressly endorsing the SecurityMetrics Health Network Portal, but it’s certainly noteworthy that the healthcare industry was hit by 23.7 percent of total cyber data breaches last year, as the SecurityMetrics blog notes.

Healthcare IT News displays “The biggest healthcare breaches of 2017” in a click-along format here.

As it’s been demonstrated repeatedly, no industries, organizations or individuals are safe from the risk of cyber attacks, so cyber security should be of concern to anyone using a computer.

Security Metrics has its own 2018 Guide to HIPPA Compliance that’s definitely worth checking out. But as we’ve noted repeatedly, there isn’t an office anywhere that doesn’t need to be mindful of the risk of cyber security intrusions and knowledgeable about fending them off.

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