Doug Bedell — April 27, 2018, 3:43 pm

Employee and Executive Security Need Express Consideration, Training

Companies need to consider whether they have thought through the question of security for their employees and executives and any events the organization holds, advises the Security Executive Council. Security doesn’t happen by itself, it requires express, candid consideration.

SEC has some suggestions, all involving candid risk assessments:
• Start with understanding the company culture when it comes to employee safety. Are the executives supportive of the security challenges facing the company?
• Conduct risk assessments on threat vulnerabilities facing employees or events, being candid throughout.
• Monitor social media for any threatening stance toward the organization or its employees and conduct regular training on the risk potential.

These cautions and more are provided by Phil Hopkins, who retired in 2016 as as the Vice President of the global security team at Western Union Financial Services.

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