Doug Bedell — May 2, 2018, 10:07 am

‘Spring Cleaning’ of an Enterprise’s Security Systems

Cory Nachreiner on the Dark Reading blog seizes on the arrival of spring as a time to do spring cleaning of digital securiy systems and suggests six places to start.

• Patching of problematic network servers or devices that don’t get patched regularly.
• Password pruning
•Pare down privileges – the need for a formal system “for adding accounts and privileges for new employees and, more importantly, a formal HR process for removing all those accounts when they leave.”
• Prune dispensable data, don’t keep storing it.
• Provide phishing training, so that spurious messages have a better chance of being detected.
• Review older “perished policies” because your business “threat landscape” constantly evolves.

Indeed, these are some of the more useful “spring cleaning” (or anytime) digial security tips that we’ve come across.

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