Doug Bedell — May 30, 2018, 11:39 am

Social Media’s Links to Violence: Read Your Screens Warily

Risk seems to be closing in around us in security terms: Now the Security magazine blog is warning of “6 Links Between Social Media and Violence You Haven’t Thought About”.

On its perverse side, social media posting is being linked to mental health, righteous indignation, long -term relationships, fixation and even attack planning.

Says Security: “The use of social media by school and workplace shooters as well as terrorist groups is well-established, as is the idea that online content can desensitize individuals to violence. Yet threat assessment research suggests that social media can also create inclinations and tendencies toward such violence, some unseen and unheard…

“Researchers need to continue studying the long-term impact of social media use, and the tech giants should re-orient their philosophy to be far more preventive than it currently is. Taking down posts within an hour may be one of the easier battles they have to wage.”

So read warily.

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