Doug Bedell — June 13, 2018, 3:28 pm

Living Safely and Securely Takes 10 Steps to Everything

If you want to live and work securely, and are serious about those aims, we invite you to Johnathan Bancroft’s Security magazine post on “10 Hotel Safety Tips from a Former Intelligence Officer”.

Bancroft is truly security conscious, just follow behind him as he checks into a hotel. He requests “a room between the second and fourth floors (never the top floor), furthest away from the side of the lobby. The ground floor is too easy to access…Also, most fire truck ladders can reach up to the second, third and even fourth floors.”

“Never stay on the top floor…; before you leave the desk, ask for a local street map and ask them to mark where the hotel is for you…” and “As soon as I walk into my room, I put the TV on low, usually on CNN and leave it on. I put the do-not-disturb sign on the door, and then I leave the room. I walk the floor. I find the fire escape plan, and I follow it…”

All this before Bancroft takes his shoes off and simply relaxes. And all I ever want of a hotel room is a soft chair, a freshly made bed, and a star to steer them by. Be careful out there.

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