Doug Bedell — June 21, 2018, 9:47 am

Precautions for Security In Your Pocket, or Pocketbook

We’ve written a lot about security risks from intruders or desktop computers. But, IDG/Panasonic warn, there are also intrusion risks on your belt or in your pocket, zipcase or pocketbook – that is, from cell phones and other mobile devices. “As the dependence on mobile devices and data captured from the field increases,” the post warns, “the challenges of securing those devices multiply…

“Given the varied security concerns surrounding mobile devices,” the post continues, “a multilayered approach is the only viable way to protect them. Data security as well as physical security must be taken into account equally. That’s why countermeasures currently in use against threats to mobile devices take many
forms, including:

• Strong/complex passwords (used by 84%
of respondents)
• Auto-lock timeouts (79%)
• Virus and malware protection (79%)
• Two-factor authentication (71%)
• Hardware-level embedded security features (68%)”

A list of digital safeguards like these can challenge a conscientious device owner. But the problem isn’t insurmountable – it begins with awareness and continues with sensible precautions, as outlined in the IDG/Panasonic post. You’ll get used to them.

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