Doug Bedell — July 3, 2018, 12:51 pm

Border Security Seen as a Problem for Congress to Solve

The nation’s security agenda is growing increasingly crowded, as a post by Rachel Schultz on Homeland 411 makes clear. “Cyber and border security, immigration, refugees, military readiness, and capabilities,” she writes, “headlined the second annual Capitol Hill National Security Forum on June 21.”

There are, primarily, border and immigration issues confronting the U.S. and it’s not entirely clear who has the most authority for solving them, Congress or President Trump.

Of the two immigration bills before the House, the one considered to be the most conservative was voted down, 231-193, as the National Security Forum and a vote on a more moderate “compromise” bill was postponed.

“[W]hat we don’t need to do as Americans is pit the enforcement of law against our humanitarian ideas,” Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen said, insisting that President Donald Trump is not the one to come up with a lasting solution to the immigration problem. “I want to be very clear on this; Congress has the authority and responsibility to make the law of the land and to fix the immigration system.”

She added that ““I want to be very clear here, of the 12,000 [unaccompanied children] that are currently housed within [Health and Human Services] facilities…10,000 of those kids were sent here without a parent, without a legal guardian, in the hands of smugglers, in the hands of traffickers…”

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