Doug Bedell — July 5, 2018, 2:25 pm

No Doubting It: Enterprises Need a Cybersecurity Plan

Computer hackers with access – granted or created – to a business file can do great harm to the business involved. A security truism these days? Of course.

But Joe Granitto on Security InfoWatch follows up with practical suggestions on protecting your data. “Defending your operations and reputation,” he writes, “requires a holistic cybersecurity plan, and physical security has become an increasingly important factor in protecting your network and data.”

The elements of such a plan can be fairly complex and we refer you to Granitto’s piece on them. But the underlying reality is that a protection plan, starting with awareness and fleshed out in software and other steps, is called for.

Granitto’s closing guidance: “Limiting or controlling access with an efficient and secure key management system can provide the crucial physical layer to a holistic cybersecurity plan. With these tools at hand, your physical security team is well-equipped to become an essential part of your cybersecurity program.”

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