Doug Bedell — July 11, 2018, 1:31 pm

Digital Insiders Can Be As Disruptive As Outsiders

Perish the thought, but the reality is that security disruptions – digital disasters – can be caused by insiders in an organization as well as faceless hackers.

As proof, discusses “The 6 Worst Insider Attacks of 2018 – So Far” in which “stalkers, fraudsters, saboteurs, and all nature of malicious insiders have put the hurt on some very high-profile employers.”

The listed attacks were at
Tesla, where “a trusted insider was deliberately sabotaging software systems that control the car company’s manufacturing processes.”
Punjab National Bank, which was the victim of “a $1.8 billion insider swindle.”
Facebook, where “a security engineer, of all people,…invaded the privacy of Facebook users to stalk women online.”
Coca-Cola, where a former employee garnered “personal information about 8,000 Coca-Cola workers.”
Speech-recognition software firm Nuance “was hit with an insider attack that ended up leaking patient records for 45,000 individuals that were hosted on one of its medical transcription platforms.”
Suntrust Bank, which alleged that “a former employee sold the names, addresses, phone numbers and account balances of 1.5 million bank clients.”

We keep saying it, but here’s proof indeed – Computer complacency can be greatly mistaken.

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