Doug Bedell — July 24, 2018, 12:23 pm

Hiring Contract Security Guards May Be Cost-Effective

SecurityInfoWatch offers a primer on hiring security guards from contract providers.

“You must pay the firm for its services,” the advisory reads, “on top of paying for the cost of wages, training, projected overtime, vacation accrual, payroll taxes, uniforms, benefits, and other specified or mutually agreed upon services.”

Even so, “The cost of hiring a contract security vendor oftentimes will be more cost-effective than the cost of hiring in-house security staff. Though prices will vary depending on the industry, contract security firm and the professional talent/solution you’re looking for, the concept of how the prices are determined is the same across the industry. It consists of pay rate, overhead cost, and profit margin. Essentially, the pay rate plus the overhead cost plus the profit margin equals the total bill rate.”

There’s more detail as the piece proceeds, enough to help you grapple with a sometimes challenging choice.

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