Doug Bedell — August 1, 2018, 3:04 pm

Data Stored ‘In the Cloud’ – Where’s That? It’s Vital to Know

In computer security, people get confused over the term “Cloud”, such as in storing information safely in “the Cloud”. Adnan Raja discusses the subject of Cloud security in a post on the securitymetrics blog.

The Cloud is a term for online storage of backup information, as provided by Google, Apple, Amazon, IBM or lesser known vendors.

Raja discusses key cloud security controls, such as for access to and protection of your data being stored.

“While it might seem complicated to protect cloud systems,,” he writes, “it is possible to properly safeguard your ecosystem with the right set of controls. The importance of considering various controls is highlighted every time an organization exposes critical information. To bolster your defensive posture and avoid various costs and hits to your credibility that arise following a cloud security incident, focus on the above six controls” (as discussed in the post).

Understanding the Cloud is something else that’s vital in terms of computer security.

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