Doug Bedell — August 6, 2018, 2:29 pm

Two Drones Foiled In Attack Against Venezuelan President

Security against drone attacks was tested in Venezuela on August 6. The two drones involved lost, and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, the target of the attacks, won. This from Security

“The plot was foiled, in part, by equipment designed to jam radio signals….

“Six suspects were in custody in connection with the Saturday attack, which failed to hurt the president but left seven soldiers injured, three of them seriously.

“The government also confirmed that one errant drone crashed into an apartment building near the central Caracas street where Maduro spoke at an outdoor event commemorating the founding of the national guard. The device subsequently exploded as it fell to the ground, causing no injuries but leaving dark scorch marks on the side of the building.

“Nestor Reverol, the interior, justice and peace minister, said in an interview on state television Sunday that the attack on Maduro was carried out with two remote-controlled drones that carried up to 1 kilogram each of C-4 explosive.

“We’re dealing with the crime of terrorism and attempted assassination that was foiled,” Reverol said.

Thus, drones are defensible, if you’re alert to the possibility they might be used.

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