Doug Bedell — August 20, 2018, 11:57 am

Criminal Justice vs. Homeland Security: Two Paths of Study

Want to strengthen your personal security capacities? Get a degree. But which one? There are degrees in both criminal justice and homeland security. The In Homeland Security blog seeks to explain the difference.

“For example,” it notes, “a police department may have a requirement that an officer have a bachelor’s degree but will usually not require the degree be in criminal justice. While it may seem to make sense that an aspiring officer should get a degree in criminal justice, that may not actually be necessary. Officers may benefit just as much, if not more, from pursuing a degree in homeland security, for example.”

Homeland security has more to do with defense against domestic terror attacks; criminal justice “teaches students about the all-encompassing system of law enforcement and the upholding of society’s codes.” You might say that one, homeland security, is more “strategic” than the other, which is more criminal focused.

The distinction becomes more apparent after sufficient pondering – that’s how learning works.

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