Doug Bedell — September 4, 2018, 10:56 am

No Small Matter: Insuring Against Unauthorized Intrusions

Consider the ways unauthorized intrusions can occur in your business or workplace. That’s the advice of Security InfoWatch in recommending how to prevent dire intrusions.

It’s not just having a lock on the door. “Unregulated businesses are also feeling an urgency to control access to their facilities, not only to protect the physical safety and security of employees and property, but also to protect against access to, and theft of, intellectual property, business information, and other electronic assets stored on their networks.”

“A security manager may think he has the necessary precautions in place, but after a breach has occurred, would a court of law agree that the company did everything possible to prevent it? In several cases, the answer has been “no” and hefty fines were imposed.”

That’s no small measure of jeopardy for not insuring limited access where and when it’s called for.

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