Doug Bedell — September 7, 2018, 5:55 pm

HP Holds ‘Tech Days’ to Promote PRINTER Security

Yes, desktop printers, too, can be a security risk. Security Weekly notes that Hewlett Packard is concerned enough about the possibility that it held an “HP Print Security ‘Tech Day'” event at its Palo Alto, CA, headquarters last year.

“This event,” Security Weekly advises, “was the precursor to a major marketing campaign for HP to promote everything they’ve been doing in terms of making their printers more secure and also building printers with ‘cyber resilience’, meaning they have the capacity to detect malicious or accidental actions and even recover from the attacks. HP has done some amazing things to facilitate the security of printers which in turn helps to create a more secure enterprise network.”

So, you need to be protected not only on the digital input end of computer work, but on the output end too – as your project appears on paper. Read about the “bug bounties” HP has been paying independent developers and security researchers (a.k.a. hackers) to share vulnerabilities that they have found in applications and systems with the companies that produce them.”

Good to know that HP (and hopefully other printer manufacturers) is on top of this potential hacking hazard.

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