Doug Bedell — September 21, 2018, 3:04 pm

‘Soft’ Communication Skills Seen Lacking In Police Training

What an oversight! With all the adverse attention that police-community relations have been generating, you’d think that police training in the “soft” people skills of interpersonal communication would be high on the security agenda.

Not so, advises the In Public Safety site. “Unfortunately, soft skills are largely lacking and overlooked within the criminal justice profession, particularly within law enforcement and corrections.”

This is hard to fathom. “According to a 2018 article by Timothy Roufa, a law enforcement subject matter expert,” the post advises, “criminal justice careers, particularly those in law enforcement and corrections, demand that you interact with a diverse and varied group of people at any given time. In some of those encounters, tensions may be high and the potential for the situation to quickly escalate is a reality of the job. The best way to resolve potentially dangerous use-of-force situations is to rely on your cognitive and emotional intelligence skills.”

So should law enforcement professionals complain that the public is against them, they need to consider their training in relating well to the people they are serving.

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