Doug Bedell — October 1, 2018, 11:48 am

U.S. Goes On a Cyber Security Offensive

The U.S., reports In Homeland Security, is going on the cybersecurity offensive. Welcome to the world of cyber rattling.

The White House and the Defense Department have each issued policy papers on cyber policy.

“As National Security Adviser John Bolton put it to reporters just before the release of the DoD paper, ‘For any nation that’s taking cyber activity against the United States, they should expect … we will respond offensively, as well as defensively.’”

“Neither policy paper makes specific threats. But, as the White House put it, “we must … work to ensure that there are consequences for irresponsible behavior that harms the United States and our partners.”

While not exactly a cyber call to arms, “Still, this is a qualitative difference from the Obama administration’s 2012, Presidential Policy Directive 20 (PPD-20), which required a complex and lengthy interagency legal and policy process before approval of any offensive cyber operation.”

In short, the U.S. is in the thick of cyber alertness, defense and offense.

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