Doug Bedell — December 4, 2018, 10:39 pm

U.S. Faces ‘Immense’ Global Security Challenges

“Never in recent memory,” writes John Ubaldi on In Homeland Security,  “has the United States faced so many immense global challenges. But are we prepared for what confronts us today? Furthermore, is America’s preeminent global military advantage declining and opening an opportunity for others to overtake us?”

These are truly sobering words. But Ubaldi argues that “the U.S. is being challenged by saber-rattling regimes in Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

“These regimes,” he adds “seek to neutralize U.S. technological advantages with their own advanced weapons systems. Our adversaries are conducting this strategy across a variety of economic areas normally dominated by the United States.”

It’s hard to advise the American people of risks like these without being accused of saber-rattling. But that’s both a challenge and expectation of leadership in the U.S.  Security was never simple or automatic.

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