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Doug Bedell — October 31, 2019, 9:54 pm

Cyberattacks on Industrial Control Systems Likely to Grow

Threatpost says cyberattacks on industrial control system (ICS) networks are likely to grow in resolve and complexity. “Analysts expect them to evolve from attacks that have an immediate direct impact to those with multiple stages and attack vectors that are more stealthy.” ‘While it remains extraordinarily difficult to mount successful attacks on critical infrastructure because […]

Doug Bedell — , 1:12 pm

Security Isn’t Necessarily in the Palm of One’s Hand

. Ensuring security in an office setting is one thing; in the palm of an employee’s hand with a mobile device is another, and harder, matter. DarkReading says it’s a special challenge in employee relations, one requiring digital partnerships in workplaces. “Developing this partnership begins with convincing users they’re an important part of business security. […]

Doug Bedell — October 25, 2019, 3:29 pm

‘Front Door’ Security Cameras Can Yield Safer Neighborhoods

One element in a steadily developing Internet of Things (IoTs) security system is footage from residential and business security cameras, the In Public Safety blog advises. “Footage from residential and private business security cameras can be instrumental in police investigations,” the post notes. “New technology services such as Ring, Nest, LorexTechnology, and others offer internet-based, […]

Doug Bedell — October 23, 2019, 2:30 pm

Around Digital Devices, Don’t Be a ‘Creeper’ or ‘Peeker’ exposes an inclination we’re all aware of, but wouldn’t admit to – “creeping” on PC screens and “peeking” at documents found in printer trays. Curiosity gets the best of us digitally, as well as in other ways. A survey commissioned by Hewlett-Packard as part of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month confirmed our computer quirks. It […]

Doug Bedell — October 21, 2019, 1:23 pm

Be Sure Employees Understand the Need for Cybersecurity

With October being National Cybersecurity Awareness month, Joan Goodchild asks on DarkReading, how many security managers are asking employees, “Why is our data worth protecting? A good question. “While the organization may claim to care about security,” Goodchild continues, “do those within it understand why? Do they know what is truly at stake should a […]

Doug Bedell — October 18, 2019, 12:55 pm

Facial Recognition Software Causing a Security Stir

Facial recognition software is getting its day in the security sun, with a predictable level of controversy, SecurityInfoWatch advises. “Unsurprisingly,” InfoWatch notes, “facial recognition has also been the subject of much controversy of late as privacy advocates and lawmakers have expressed concerns about how the technology could potentially be misused by law enforcement and other […]

Doug Bedell — October 16, 2019, 3:12 pm

Pitney Bowes, Too, Subject to Hacking

Pitney Bowes, the global shipping and mailing service, is recovering from a ransomware attack that disrupted its computer systems and online services, Graham Cluley passes along from the Hot for Security blog. This is an example of one of the good guys warning about activities of the bad guys in the global hacking war. “In […]

Doug Bedell — October 14, 2019, 2:54 pm

With Hackers, You Never Know Who May Looking In

Obviously, computer hackers shouldn’t be helped by their unsuspecting targets, yet that’s what happens all too often, the blog advises. “From lengthy email signatures to employees’ social media posts,” Kelly Sheridan writes, “we look at the many ways organizations make it easier for attackers to break in.” Examples would be “human resources sharing photos […]

Doug Bedell — October 11, 2019, 11:42 am

CPTED: An Approach To Security Via Environmental Design

A confessed “childhood vandal” discusses Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) in a post on CPTED applications include “commercial office buildings, industrial buildings and facilities, parking facilities, schools, automated teller machines and U.S. federal government buildings — obviously this is not the comprehensive list of all CPTED’s focus. It’s interesting to note that the […]

Doug Bedell — October 9, 2019, 11:44 am

The Internet’s No Place for Nonchalance

Feeling safe using the Internet? You probably shouldn’t be, the ZD Net blog advises: “Answers from a survey of 4,272 US adults conducted in June by the Pew Research Center found that most Americans aren’t as tech-savvy as you’d normally expect from the country that houses most of today’s web tech innovation. “Most Americans can’t […]